6 Replies to “Implementing Facebook Login in Yii2 using AuthClient Extension Tutorial”

  1. thanks very much for the post.

    Could you give me advice how could I ask for user friend lists insted of asking only public profile information.
    In other words edit scope variable

    thanks in advance

    1. User’s friend list is no more available in current FB API. The new API has an option to get the user’s friends who already uses the same app. You might see that.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Do I have to download Facebook SDK manually? Running composer command installed auth client into my application and I see there’s an empty folder called clients.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, but it seems incomplete, i means after successful login how to save data obtained from Facebook is not discussed.
    I hope sooner their will be a update regarding .

    “How to save data provided by facebook in database?”

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